Email Marketing

Email Marketing

It’s true: people are tied to their phones.

They are looking for that next social media post, that next text message, that next special offer.

Take a good look at your marketing budget and you’ll see how cost effective email marketing can be.

  • More emails are opened than flyers
  • Email offers can be quickly shared by your customers with their friends (when is the last time someone showed you a newspaper ad they saved?)

With email marketing you can send your products, services and special offers directly to your customers.

Email offers can drive business to your website and storefront and they can be easily shared by your customers and personalized to speak to their latest interest.

Our Email Marketing Beginner package starts at $15.00 a month and gives you up to 5,000 messages to send every month (up to 500 customers).

When you outgrow the beginner package, upgrading for a bigger reach is easy and affordable too!